3 best cricket Umpires of all time


While the cricket player is the central figure in the sport, it is hard to imagine the game without the Umpires. They have a thankless job and much like a wicketkeeper, they are only noticed when a faux pas is committed.

Hence as a tribute to all umpires, we decided to get the spotlight on them for the right reasons and rate the greatest ones.

1) Dickie Bird – Most players who played in the era of Harold ‘Dickie’ Bird are of the opinion that he stands out amongst his peers. In an era where there was no television support, he did a marvellous job and made very few errors.

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2) Simon Taufel – Easily one of the most skilled umpires in recent times, Taufel’s strength was his attention to detail. He was rated the best umpire by the players for 5 consecutive years from 2004-2008 and is involved with the ICC currently, grooming next gen umpires.


3) David Shepherd – One of the most loved figures in the game, Shepherd will always be remembered for his quick decision making and his standing on one leg whenever a batting team reached Nelson (111). Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 68 in 2009.

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