3 ideas that can help save Test Match Cricket once normalcy is restored


Test match cricket is the ultimate form of the game and is a true test of attrition, patience, vision and technique. However, except countries like England and Australia the format seems to be in a bit of trouble as far as the crowd attendance is concerned.

In India even though the TV viewership is still good, there is an issue with attendance in stadiums. Apart from day-night and pink ball tests here are 3 things BCCI could do to improve the situation.

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Source: Hindustan Times

1) Have fixed venues – Like captain Kohli said last year that Test match venues should be 4-5 in number and the newer stadiums can be used for white ball cricket. This way both India and the opposition will know what to expect and give more context to the match.

2) Fixed dates – Like Australia, South Africa and England, India should have a fixed season and preferably fixed dates for matches in particular venues. This will give state boards enough time to market the event.

3) Cleaner stadium facilities – The stadium facilities have to improve and become more crowd friendly. As Rahul Dravid said, that comfortable seats and clean toilets will go a long way in helping increase match day crowds.

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