3 Pairs of Indian Cricketers Once Friends, Don’t Even Talk To Each-Other Any Longer

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At the point when individuals play in a group they will undoubtedly draw a good relationship with one another, particularly high-profile cricketers who really get to know each other on visits and during matches.

With that, likewise when challenges go crazy, when the greater height players, for example, a well renowned batsman or the leader of the team need to pursue hard decisions, it can likewise place their companionships with others in struggle.

Also, that has been the situation with Indian cricketers who are lauded as the whizzes of the game; self images conflicting, the wish to be the star man, or outright choice which the captain feel is best for the group could release the kinship rope.

The following are a couple of instances of Indian cricketers who were incredible companions once, however at that point their kinship soured: 

Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli cherish their old school days giving Twitter major nostalgia feels
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Sachin Tendulkar & Vinod Kambli

While Sachin Tendulkar was saying thanks to individuals who played an integral part in his profession during his goodbye discourse after his last Test in 2013, Vinod Kambli was left miserable and frustrated on the grounds that Tendulkar didn’t make reference to his name and their legendary 664-run scoring partnership during their young days that had placed the two of them on the guide.

Their never ending partnership in a Harries Shield game made them commonly recognized names and from where both of their vocations started off and both went to play for India together. While Tendulkar had a distinguished 24-year long and prestigious career, Kambli’s was ended a couple of years after it started in view of different reasons separated from only a dunk in structure.

In 2013, Kambli had stated, that he and Tendulkar hadn’t spoken at all in that frame which was for around 7 years. In the realm of all out online entertainment, both of them have rejoined lately, however their nearby kindly love as youngsters isn’t the equivalent any longer.


MS Dhoni had so much support towards the end of his career, everybody didn't get that: Yuvraj Singh
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MS Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh

Dominating matches for India, walking on the ramp together for the best of designers, having a good time in each-others company – MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh had built a great brotherhood and set a good example for the younger generation. In any case, a great deal of things differed after Yuvraj was shunned from the Indian team back in the year 2014.

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Yuvraj’s dad, Yograj, has frequently stated that Dhoni “double-crossed” Yuvraj Singh. A couple of years prior, Yuvraj expressed that he had received additional help and support from previous captain Sourav Ganguly than he did under Dhoni’s captaincy.


Murali Vijay Birthday: Murali Vijay cheated Dinesh Kartik for his wife - Murali Vijay's affair with Dinesh Karthik's wife, was found cheating in friendship
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Dinesh Karthik & Murali Vijay

The controversial and much talked about love triangle of drama between Dinesh Karthik, Murali Vijay and Nikita Vanjara is notable and routinely raised via web-based entertainment agencies and also by a segment of fans. Karthik and Nikita were hitched before she met Karthik’s Tamil Nadu colleague Murali Vijay.

The couple drew nearer together in time and she officially got separated from the wicket keeper batsman and wedded the opener not long after her separation with DK in 2012. Both the parties are much happier in their own space of life now. Vijay and Nikita have three children while Karthik is hitched to ace Indian squash player Dipika Pallikkal and they have twin baby boys.

After so much, Karthik and Vijay even played together for the Indian Cricket team back in the 2013 Champions Trophy and afterwards even toured to England and Australia in 2018, and despite the fact that they never gave any indications of enmity on the field, the pair are not companions any longer as they were during their initial Tamil Nadu days.

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