3 Sachin Tendulkar controversies his fans would want to forget


In India many people are of the opinion that Cricket is a religion and Sachin is god. The Master Blaster has every record in the book, countless fans and admirers, immense fame, a plethora of commercial advertisements.

While all this may get to someone’s head, Sachin Tendulkar has been a picture of humility and carried himself with the utmost of grace. However, there are times when even God’s bleed and we list out 3 controversies around Sachin;

1) Accused of ball-tampering – During India’s tour of South Africa in 2001, Tendulkar was charged with ball-tampering by match referee Mike Denness. There was a clip where the master could be seen removing something around the seam and he claimed he was removing dirt.

2) Selling the Ferrari gifted to him – In 2001, the Mumbaikar was gifted a Ferrari 360 Modena which was handed to him by none other than Formula 1 legend Micheal Schumacher. While there was some controversy regarding import duty, major issue occurred when Sachin decided to sell his Ferrari in 2011.

Monkeygate reopened: Why Aussies couldn't cop Sachin | Observer
Source: Gladstone Observer

3) Monkeygate Scandal – While Harbhajan was at the centre of it all, it was the legend who was at the other end when Symonds and Harbhajan had that heated argument. The Australians claimed that Tendulkar who earlier said he didn’t hear anything, later changed his stance to he heard ‘maa ki’ and not monkey.

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