5 Lesser-Known Facts About Women’s Cricket that will surprise you!

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In India, it’s no mystery that the vast majority generally disregards women’s cricket and fixate on men’s cricket. From the men’s                  World Cup to the IPL, women’s cricket has scarcely been granted the applause and consideration that it merits.

Nonetheless, female cricketers have kept on conveying astonishing exhibitions and accomplishments, the majority of which the overall population has close to zero insight into!

The following are 5 less popular realities about women’s cricket that will take your breath away!


1973 Women's Cricket World Cup Winner. Pic Credits: ICC
Image Source: News Image


1. The inaugural World Cup was played by ladies!

Did you have any idea that the world’s most memorable world cup was played by ladies? Indeed, that is precisely on. In 1973, the world’s most memorable World Cup occurred, which was won by the host, England’s women’s cricket team against Australia.

The men’s World Cup just started a couple of years later after this unforgettable competition.


New Zealand Women's Cricket team
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2. Women’s cricket team scored the maximum runs in a match!

There are a few records that the female cricket team holds that still can’t seem to be taken down by any men’s cricket team. For example, the maximum runs scored in a match is an astounding 455 runs with just the loss of 5 wickets. This record is held by the New Zealand Women’s cricket team in a match against Pakistan.

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The most elevated count of runs accomplished by any men’s cricket team is 444 runs, which was accomplished by the England team against Pakistan (once more).


Amelia Kerr . Pic Credits: Getty Images
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3. The most youthful double ton scorer is a lady!

The most youthful cricketer to at any point score a double hundred in a test match is New Zealand’s cricketer, Amelia Kerr. At                     17 years old, she made a record high score of 232 runs, which is as yet a record that has not been beaten.

Then again, the men’s most youthful double century scorer was the Pakistani cricketer, Javed Miandad, who accomplished a double 100 at 19 years of age.


Belinda Clark - Female Cricket
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4. The main cricketer to score 200 runs in an ODI is likewise a lady!

Indeed, dissimilar to prominent sentiment, Sachin Tendulkar isn’t the main cricketer to have accomplished the crushing score of               200 runs in a One Day International. It was really Belinda Clark, an Australian cricketer, who scored 229 runs while playing against Denmark during the 1997 ICC Women’s World Cup!


Betty Wilson. PC: cricket.com.au
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5. 10 Wicket Haul and 100 Runs in a Single Test by a lady cricketer!

In 1958, this Australian cricketer, Betty Wilson turned into the primary player in either the men’s or alternately women’s variant of the game to pack a 10-wicket haul and notch-up a 100 runs in the same Test match.




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