5 times Rohit Sharma made a controversial move on social media


In today’s day and age, a cricketer’s popularity is measured by their social media following and therefore each move on social media is closely watched. One of the most popular Indian cricketers, Rohit Sharma is also quite active on Instagram and here are 5 such moments which created controversy;

1) Unfollowing Virat Kohli – While there is no better sight than Virat and Rohit batting together, there was a rumoured friction between the two stalwarts. There was a huge controversy when the vice-captain unfollowed the captain on Instagram.

2) Liked a tweet against Anushka Sharma – The First Lady of Indian Cricket and a bonafide superstar in her own right, Anushka Sharma unfairly faces the wrath of cricket fans when her husband fails to perform. On one such occasion, there was a tweet by a social media user criticising Anushka for being in a team photo in the UK. Rohit Sharma made instant news by liking this post.

3) ‘I don’t just walk out for the team, I walk out for my country’ – Before the West Indies tour of 2019, the rumours of a rift between Rohit and Kohli intensified so much that the Indian captain had to publicly rubbish them in a press conference. He said that every player plays for the team and these ‘falsehoods’ created by the media don’t affect the sanctity of the team. While this seemed to have put this story to rest, Rohit Sharma decided to add fire to the pyre via a cryptic tweet which said ‘I don’t just walk out for my team, I walk out for my country’.

Rohit Sharma: I stopped thinking about Test career: Rohit Sharma ...
source: Economictimes. – The Economic Times

4) Unfollowing Anushka Sharma on Instagram – While Rohit had unfollowed Virat a while back, he still followed Anushka Sharma on Instagram till very recently. The Mumbai Indians’ skipper however created another controversy by unfollowing the actress which also evoked a cryptic reaction from Anushka.

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5) Liking a post that termed KL Rahul overrated – Before KL Rahul struck red hot form in white ball cricket, he struggled a lot in Tests, but was given a long run as an opener. Some felt, Rohit could’ve been pushed up the order, which actually did happen in the home series against South Africa. However, in the series before that when Rahul opened and failed to perform, Rohit like a post which stated KL Rahul is overrated.

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