7 facts about ‘Gully Cricket’ which will surely take you back to you’re childhood days

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We as Indians love cricket!   We are crazy about cricket!  Almost all of us have grown up playing this beautiful sport .
Even if we  did not have pitches or stadiums we somehow always managed to create our very own Eden Gardens 🙂
So what if the boundaries where short? There was always one tip one hand to counter that advantage.
Image Source: Cricket News
Check out these 7 facts about gully cricket facts which will surely remind you of your childhood 🙂
1) Winners to Bat!
Remember? Like wow!  It was always a bliss for the winning team as who liked to bowl first specially in those good old young days when smashing it all over the park made us feel like the world is ours!’
2) “Thoda aur wicket chor saale”
It was funny when the bowler would usually tell you “Thoda aur wicket chor saale” ! Like are you serious man?? Lol!
Image Source: Cricket News
3) “The Baby over”-
— “Isko bowling nahi aati Iska baby over hai ”  When the captain of the team would  literally get into a verbal argument with the opposition captain trying to convince him to let his worst bowler bowl a 3 ball over!
4) “Aaj ham log individual match khel rahe hain! “-  
Remember when we use to usually make the youngest kid turn around , pat on his back and make him assign numbers for batting positions !
Coins were to passe’ for us!
5)  This one is the best! Bich ka bichu! Like Really? 
Remember this lucky dude who was allowed to bat for both teams to balance out that one extra player in the other team?  Were you the one?
Image Source: Cricket News
6) Batting Side Wala Umpire Banega!  How fair is that now?
It was funny how every batsman who got out became the umpire right after .  ICC would surely have something to say to this!  Lol!
7) Jiska bat uski pehli batting ! Thug life! 
” Oye mera bat hai meri pehle batting hai varna mai ghar jaa raha hun”
Somebody take us back to those good old days again 🙂 Hearing all this again  definitely seems like our childhood is over!
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