Aaqib Javed believes his career was cut short because he refused to indulge in match fixing


The Pandora’s box of match fixing has again been opened in Pakistan. Ever since Salim Malik, former Pakistan captain who was banned for life for indulging in Match fixing, has come forward to seek a job in the PCB, the talking has been hot in Pakistan. Malik has stated that he would not hesitate in revealing many other names if his demand isn’t met and these games include some of the most high profile in Pakistan cricket.

Now, former pacer and yorker specialist Aaqib Javed has made a similar remark. He said that his career was cut short, even after performing well because he refused to fix games. “Lavish cars and millions of rupees were handed over to cricketers. I was also asked to fix matches and was told that if I did not comply, my career would be finished. Players were approached with match-fixing offers through a former cricketer named Saleem Pervez,” Javed was quoted as saying on a local news channel in Pakistan earlier this week.

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Source: The Indian Express

Javed added, “When I came to know about fixing, I took a strong stance and stood by it. I don’t regret the fact that it shortened my career as I strongly believe in my values. People tried to sideline me from tours because of my stance and would also reprimand those people who would talk to me.” In his previous statements, he had accused Wasim Akram of grave charges and said that he had been told by captain Wasim that if he didn’t help in fixing matches, he should bid his career goodbye.

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