Anil Kumble spills the reason for adding an extra review in Test Cricket


The ICC has had their work cutout in the recent times. Like every other organisational body it’s left scratching its head about the future playing calendar. It almost seems impossible for them to complete the ICC World Test Championship by the next English summer as many a series have been forced to be postponed. That’s not where the trouble ends as it looks like the T20 World Cup this year will also have to be postponed.

Those are just scheduling changes which frankly speaking every sport has to live with. With cricket though, the other problem is rule changes in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. For instance, the use of saliva has been banned for obvious reasons, but it could lead to a situation where the bowlers will be grossly disadvantaged. What’s worse is that cricketers have since their childhood been programmed to use saliva, give their caps or hats to the umpire, take a wicket and celebrate, these things might happen involuntarily.

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Source: The Quint

The Anil Kumble led technical committee has made a spew of changes for the interim period, till the world reaches normality. The other problem is that a revolutionary change was made when they had decided to have neutral umpires in Test Matches, but now adapting to the changing scenario, there will be domestic umpires. For countries like India, and countries touring India it will be a disadvantage as their isn’t an Indian umpire in the elite panel and therefore no experience of officiating in Test Cricket. Hence, to tackle that the committee has decided to increase the number of reviews in Test Cricket per innings to 3 instead of 2.

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