BCCI not giving up on the IPL amidst Covid-19 fears


The Covid-19 has sent the entire world into a tizzy and the sport and events industry is perhaps the worst affected as there are repeated advisories to maintain ‘social distancing’. Cricket is no exception as all big series around the world have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

One of the biggest blows will be felt by the BCCI if the multi-million dollar league IPL, which has already been postponed by three weeks is cancelled all together. By all reports, the BCCI is not willing to give up and has now decided to come up with plan B.

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Source: IPLT20.com

If sources are to be believed the BCCI instead of looking at a truncated affair beginning on the 15th April is seriously considering the July – September window for the IPL. The Future Tours Programme will not affect that much as the only major series is the Asia Cup T20 and England hosting Pakistan and Ireland. Since Pakistani players anyways don’t participate the only missing players would be those from England.

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Much like the 2009 edition of the tournament which was held inside 37 days with plenty of double headers this one can too fit in a shorter period. Also if the need arises it can be shifted to foreign shores.

What do you guys think about this new proposal?
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