Ben Stokes confirms his availability for IPL 2020


This is an unprecedented situation for any cricket lover who was born after the conclusion of the World War 2 as not since the deadly global war, has cricket been silenced. In fact, Covid-19 has not just impacted the world of cricket or sports, but also the entire global economy. As various countries are coming up with strategies to fight this highly mutant virus, one just hopes this is a comma and not a dreaded full stop.

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Source: NDTV Sports

This is also a situation that our beloved cricketers are not used to, wherein they are fit and fine but yet there are neither matches nor practice to tend to. It will be crucial for them to be mentally ready when the next challenge comes and with the IPL not yet called off, participants would be better advised to have that at the back of their minds.

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One such athlete with an elite mentality, Ben Stokes is doing exactly that and even though at the back of his mind he knows that the chances of the IPL 2020 happening are bleak, he is keeping mentally ready for the cash rich league. It will be interesting to see if and when the a BCCI decides to pull the plug on the IPL 2020 as its remains on a ventilator.

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