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Best Teachers Of Cricket To Have Played The Game


Best Teachers Of Cricket To Have Played The Game

There is a special significance that September 5 holds for an entire world and therefore, even for the world of cricket. It is the only day in the calendar from the lot of 365 days where we mark utmost respect for our teachers. International Teacher’s day is no ordinary occasion. It is, in fact, a reason for marking profound respect for those who have spent their valuable time in imparting our life’s lessons.

In a world frequently and sadly, being mired by the wrongs and ills of mankind and unbecoming deeds, teaching continues to stand apart as a pure, noble profession. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to conjecture that our teachers are the bright lamps that burn so that we can get light. They reinforce positivity in our life, inspire us to do good and ultimately, push us to become the best versions of ourselves.

In a similar vein, the great game of cricket, adored as a religion in far-reaching corners of the world, has been fortunate to have seen some men rise to become ‘teachers or gurus’ for their outstanding achievements with bat and ball. Their excellence on 22 yards have inspired fans and have produced life-changing motivation to millions who seek in them- a path to better their craft.

Haven’t you ever thought that our legendary cricketers aren’t just special talents but, rather Guru’s who have been hailed as master exponents of their distinguished talents. So who are these champions? Who are the best teachers of cricket? Let us hail these men of character and dauntless courage:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar: The Teacher who taught us how to play the Straight Drive

The man needs no introduction. He’s the eternal master of the fine craft of batsmanship. Besides motivating the present crop of Indian cricketers- Yuvraj, Kohli and Sharma included- he’s given hundreds and thousands around the world a reason to hold on to the cricket bat. He’s what Michael Jackson is to the world of breakdancing and what Elvis was to Rock n Roll.

But there’s a reason why Tendulkar is respected and adored the way he is. Those nearly 35000 international runs haven’t just come with flair and firepower alone. Tendulkar practised unswerving application whilst perfecting his huge repertoire of strokes, among which is that famous ‘straight drive’. An elegant looking stroke, played perfectly with rhythm and style quotient, hearts raged and time came to a standstill when Tendulkar played his epic trademark stroke at pomp. He’s unarguably the teacher of how to play that stroke with elan.

Is he one of the best teachers of cricket? Well, he is just’ Cricket’ too many which certainly speaks a million words.

Sachin Tendulkar And Wasim Akram Talking
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  1. Wasim Akram: The Teacher who became the Sultan of Swing

Batsmen feared him, rather loathed him, for, at his furious best, he smoked the heat out of Pakistan’s opposition. Many of Wasim Akram’s 916 international wickets came at the expense of taking a toll on batsmen who had no option but to relent in front of the fiesty seamer. But what was the trademark?

You guessed it right! Akram was the teacher who taught and inspired the world how to swing it both ways. He was lethal when bowling a yard quicker, turning the ball away from the blade of clueless batsmen who had no idea what lay ahead! Hailed as the sultan of swing with much love, Akram continued to excel at guiding several young cricketing units including the famous Kolkata Knight Riders, imparting invaluable lessons at the art of swing bowling.

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