Captain Kane writes a heartfelt open letter thanking essential services for their sacrifice


The Covid-19 has gripped the entire globe and brought many countries down to their knees. This global pandemic, whenever it is behind us, will leave most of the countries with an economic emergency as all economic activity has been brought to a complete standstill. For the first time in years has there been no live sport for such a long period of time and this will hugely hamper the sporting and event industry as well.

With all this negativity around us, perhaps the only shining light is the effort and sacrifice being put in by the essential services people in all affected countries of the world. We have already seen in India, the honourable Prime Minister has recognised their selflessness and in a beautiful gesture asked the people to come out on 22nd March at 5pm and applaud them for 5 minutes.

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Source: India Today

Many Indians took to his advice and came out to their balconies in numbers to pay their respect to doctors, nurses, policemen, delivery boys etc. One of the most respected cricketers in the World, Kane Williamson has penned an emotion open letter, showing his gratitude to the above mentioned people. Williamson, who has gone through many pressure moments in his glorious career, has rightly expressed that sporting pressure is nothing in comparison to what these guys face on a daily basis.

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Here’s the open letter penned by Kane Williamson:

'Real pressure is working to save lives. Real pressure is going into work each day while putting your own personal…

Posted by ESPNcricinfo on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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