Cricket Australia very confident of hosting India at the end of this year


The Covid-19 has sent the entire world in a tizzy and it’s very hard to make any future plans or commitments as no one knows when the vaccine will be commercially available. The sporting and event industry had been the most affected and it’s a nightmare for the organisers.

When it comes to cricket, the ICC World Test Championship has gone for a toss, no one knows if the IPL 2020 will take place, the ICC has all but postponed the World T20 and the Asia cup is also in danger. Amongst all this, Cricket Australia, who are reeling financially and know that a lot is riding on the India series financially, have decided to put a brave face and have given a 90% chance for the tour to go ahead.

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Source: Times of India

There is no word yet from the BCCI and even though hectic back channel talks are going on, the last word will be that of the Government of India. However, Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Cricket Australia sounded very positive. “I guess there’s no such thing as certainty in today’s world so I can’t say 10 (out of 10), but I’m going to say nine out of 10,” Roberts told a roundtable held by Australia’s News Corp when asked about the prospects of India touring.

“I’d be really surprised if we can’t get the Indian tour away. But I wouldn’t, hand on heart, suggest we’ll have full crowds from the start. We’ll just have to wait and see how that goes,” he concluded.

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