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Top 5 Cricketers With The Most Luxurious Homes


Apart from the enormous fame and love cricketers get, they also end up making a lot of money by the hard work they do on the field. In fact, now the sources of income have increased even more. Do they earn through international matches, different domestic leagues, advertisements and what not? All these have ended up making them rich enough to buy properties for them of great worth. So, let’s talk about the Top 5 cricketers who own the most expensive residences in the world.

5. David Warner’s Villa

Source: Daily Telegraph

This Aussie opener is known for his attacking style of batting. Apart from being a regular in the national side, he also plays Cricket Leagues all over the world. He owns a wonderful villa in Gordon Bay, Australia. It is a 4-storey, 5-bedroom villa which has a wonderful view of the Gordon Bay. Warner lives there with his wife and daughters.

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