Dale Steyn Has A Brain Fade As Sachin Tendulkar Did It Fair & Square!


Dale Steyn usually doesn’t bluff but when someone like him does say something out of context, it’s bound to create a bit of controversy looking at the statue of the man himself.

In a recent interview, the former fast bowler from South Africa had recently expressed that while the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar scored the first ODI double century in the history of the game, it was because of the umpire Ian Gould who indirectly facilitated that process. While on-air during a Sky Sports Podcast with James Anderson, Steyn quoted, ” Tendulkar scored the first double hundred in ODI cricket, and it was against us in Gwalior. And I actually remember – I think I got him out lbw when he was about 190 odd. Ian Gould was the umpire, and he gave him not out”.

Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara to play T20 tournament in India ...
Source: The Indian Express

The ‘Steyn Gun’ was apparently so confident that he also went on to ask Gould why he didn’t raise his finger to which Gould replied, ” If I gave him out, I won’t make it back to the hotel.’”. Ever since Steyn’s statement, the news has spread like wildfire and Sachin Tendulkar fans certainly did not take this one sitting down. While they dug deeper to find out what actually happened, it has come to our notice that Styen bowled only 1 over to Sachin while he was in the 190s and there was not even a half-hearted LBW appeal.

It was the 47th over of the game when Styen was bowling and Sachin was in his 190’s and interestingly the ball did not even hit Sachin pads forget about an LBW. Having said that, looking at how honest Dale Styen has always been, while the fans seem to be upset with the former right-arm fast bowler from South Africa, they are also ready to give him another chance thinking he might have confused this game with some other encounter with the Little Master!

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