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Delhi Franchise Team Owners Explanation Of The Team’s New Name Will Make You Laugh All Day!


Delhi Daredevils have been one of the weakest teams in the IPL in the last few years. In the initial stage of the tournament, the franchise did well to reach the Top 4. At that point, they had stars like Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, David Warner and AB DeVilliers in the mix. Lately, though, they have been the most consistent team to end in the bottom 2. Their owners, The GMR Group recently announced that the name of the team will be now changed from Delhi Daredevils to Delhi Capitals.


As fans of the franchise, everyone was confused as to why the name has been changed after 10 years. We finally have an answer though as in a recent press conference, a journalist asked the Delhi owners what the word ‘Capitals’ even meant, as the correct way to pronounce it would be ‘Capital’ which is what Delhi is of India. The owner seemed confused on what to say and finally came up with a reply that confused the person asking the question and the fans even more. He said “Capitals is… you’re from the capitals.

Source: The Indian Express

This (Delhi) is the capital of the country. So how do you… It’s a way of calling the team. If you look at the teams, they all have… you know, Mumbai Indians. It’s not Mumbai Indian. So you can ask what is ‘Indians’, but it’s Indians. So that’s the answer to that. You are from the capital, that’s what it means. It’s inclusive,” he said, a video posted on ESPNcricinfo’s Twitter account said. Well, we hope the Delhi ‘Capitals’ spend less time in the future explaining the meaning of their team name and more time on the field planning a perfect winning strategy. Before we leave, we would love to know what you think about Delhi Daredevils now being Delhi Capitals? Are you happy about it, are you confused or you just don’t care about Delhi anymore?

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