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Dhoni Revealed Why He Became India’s Captain In 2007 Inspite Of Sehwag & Gambhir


Dhoni is the most successful Indian Captain without any doubt. He has all the three major ICC trophies under his name. No doubt when Dhoni overtook captaincy in 2007 from Ganguly, team India was flourishing with young blood and was not in a good position.  There were already a few more experienced people in the team like Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir and so on. But there has always been a question as to why Dhoni was selected above all.

Later MS Dhoni revealed the secret. He said that being a captain doesn’t depend on seniority. He always loved to gave decisions and suggestions to even senior players even without a second thought. His fearless attitude and ability to read the game and players mind was what might have been recognized by the officials and teammates.


“Maybe it was the honesty that I had, and my ability to read the game. Reading the game is very important, and even though I was one of the youngest in the team at that point of time, when asked about my views by a senior player, I was not afraid or hesitant to share my feelings about the game.” is what he said to the Print.

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We indeed know now what has happened after that. Rest is indeed history. Dhoni has emerged the best and coolest captain for the side and the only player to captain his team in most matches in his career. Although he has left captaincy in 2016, still remains to be the central part of the team. Virat Kohli, the present captain too is seen taking suggestions from Captain Cool every now and then. He still captains the Indian Premier League side, Chennai Super Kings and is also successful there as his tea has won three trophies in total. Hail thee, MS Dhoni!

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