ESPN Cricinfo Editor in Chief Sambit Bal responds to Gautam Gambhir’s complaining tweet


So we all know by now what happened yesterday right? Just in case you missed it, one of the leading cricketing websites in the world, ESPN Cricinfo had tweeted an iconic image yesterday of Dhoni hitting the 2011 World Cup-winning on the special occasions of India’s 9 year World Cup-winning anniversary.

Moving on, the cricketer turned politician Gautam Gambhir who steadied the ship for the ‘Men In Blue’ with a gritty 97 once Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag perished believed it’s unfair to just give credit to or rather highlight just one image associated with the victory year after year. The former left-handed batsman did not wish to take this one sitting down and decided to vent his frustration via the micro-blogging site Twitter. While doing so, he reminded the website that the 2011 World Cup was won by the entire Indian Team/ Support staff and requested them to stop obsessing over just a six.

Cricinfo’s editor in chief Sambit Bal then decided to take matters into his own hands as he personally responded to the Delhi-born Gambhir’s tweet. Sambit via his own Twitter handle expressed, “Without doubt Gautam, you were the real man of the match, and we certainly know that a cricket match is rarely won by one man. It’s just that some images become iconic, just like Kapil Dev holding the trophy in 1983. That’s how sporting memory works,”.

What do I think? Well, the author’s personal feeling is the fact that maybe Gautam did not get as much credit as MSD but the latter was also the captain of the team and that is how it works. You’re a captain for a reason. Having said that, as I mentioned above it’s the team-work which makes the dream work and those who matter don’t care and those who don’t understand don’t matter! Gautam should stop thinking so much and we completely agreed with Mr. Bal when he says, ” a few images become iconic just like Kapil Dev holding the trophy in 1983″. Gautam, we love you too!

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