Gambhir and Sheldon Cottrell find themselves in a war of words


Gautam Gambhir’s honest yet sharp remarks have again put him in a war of words, this time with salute master, Sheldon Cottrell. During the IPL auctions, Kings XI Punjab had the highest purse due to them releasing a lot of players and a new coach in Anil Kumble. They even transferred their captain, Ravichandran Ashwin to Delhi Capitals and announced KL Rahul as the new captain.

According to the team combination, they desperately needed a quality international fast bowler, they had their eyes on Pat Cummins, but unfortunately lost out to KKR in the bid. They even lost Chris Morris to RCB and the only other decent international fast bowler left was Sheldon Cottrell. They went out whole heartedly for him and much to most people’s surprise, Cottrell went for a whopping 8.5 crores.

Smart and on target, Sheldon Cottrell is more than just the salute ...

Gautam Gambhir while doing the option analysis said, “I think Anil Kumble picked him in desperation as they couldn’t get Pat Cummins or Chris Morris.” To this Sheldon Cottrell recently responded and said “Did he really say that? I wasn’t aware of the comment by Gambhir. I think my work speaks for itself. I am sure I can be a great addition to any IPL team.”

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