Gautam Gambhir explains why hosting IPL 2020 is important for India as a nation


The highly mutant Coronavirus has brought the entire world to a standstill and the economy has taken a huge hit. When it comes to India, there are millions of people who have been rendered salary less. The mood of the nation is something that is an intangible problem and is leading to spike in depression.

The sporting and event industry has been the most affected and a tournament of the magnitude of IPL, which apart from being cash-rich also helps in creating thousands of jobs has been indefinitely postponed. Cricketer turned politician, Gautam Gambhir has come up with a solution for these above mentioned problems.

IPL 2020 likely to be cancelled, no mega auctions next year ...
Source: The Indian Express

According to Gambhir, the IPL this year should go ahead, even if it’s behind closed doors and only involving Indian players. The reason is that it will help in uplifting the mood of the nation. According to him this year’s IPL should be held with the people of India in mind and not just profit and loss.

“When the world has been brought to a standstill, then there seems to be negativity around, but when people watch IPL, the atmosphere would change. So this IPL would be the most special of all the IPLs in the past 12 years. Even if it happens closed doors or without overseas players, or whoever wins, it does not matter, eventually, the nation will win”, Gambhir said.

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