Gautam picks Sachin Tendulkar over Virat Kohli as the better white ball batsman


It seems like the better batsman between Virat and Sachin debate has been discussed more than any union budget, but that is also a reflection as to how crazy a cricket nation we are. The current teenagers who might not have seen Sachin Tendulkar at the peak of his prowess just point out to the white ball stats and come up with a conclusion that Virat is better. However, Sachin fans who have seen him in his element have a completely different take on it.

There are primarily four reasons for them to back Sachin Tendulkar as the undisputed better batsman. The quality of bowlers faced by Sachin compared to Virat were much better. The 90’s was a bowler’s era and every team had world class bowlers. The two new balls these days are a boon for the batsman as that has meant, reverse swing going out of the window. The pitches in white balls have become uniform and true across the world. Trent Bridge was once a graveyard for batsman, now it’s a batters paradise. Most importantly, field restrictions is the major reason for batsman finding it easier now than ever before.

Virat Kohli Better Than Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara? Ex-England ...
source: NDTV Sports

Having said that, everyone has the right to make up their mind as to who their preferred batsman is, we are proud that both players ply their trade for India. Gautam Gambhir recently weighed in on the debate and chose the Master Blaster. “Sachin Tendulkar, because probably with one white ball and four fielders inside the circle, not five fielders outside, it will be Sachin Tendulkar for me. It’s difficult because Virat Kohli has done phenomenally well but I think the rules have changed as well, which has helped a lot of new batters,” Gambhir said while speaking on Star Sports Cricket Connected show.

“Look at how Sachin Tendulkar has played, different rules, that time 230 to 240 was a winning total. Probably, I’ll go with Sachin Tendulkar if we see the longevity and flow of the one-day cricket format,” he added.

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