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Hardik Pandya Set To Lose Something Very Big Due To His Recent Comments


While the BCCI is quite upset with Hardik Pandya and rightly so for his derogatory remarks against women, in some further breaking news coming in the all-rounder is all set to now lose out on a big endorsement deal.

Just when a leading fitness brand was about to sign a deal with Hardik Pandya, his ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode was aired on National Television which has certainly taken this cricket loving nation by storm. The BCCI has even asked the all-rounder to give an explanation within 24 hours and the all-rounder even tweeted an apology letting everyone know how much he regretted saying what he did.


Having said that, the Twitter explanation doesn’t seem to be convincing enough for the Board as they believe that the counter came only to protect himself from the backlash but he still has not understood the sensitivity of the entire situation. According to a few talks doing the rounds, the BCCI truly believes that by no means does his apology put an end to what Hardik has done and they might even ban him for a couple of games.

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Meanwhile, the all-rounder’s big endorsement deal certainly seems to be on hold and to be honest, It completely deserves to be. As far as KL Rahul is concerned, the Board is upset but not fuming considering he was just playing along.

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