Harsha Bhogle replies to a Pakistani journalist who accuses the IPL of fixing


The IPL since it’s very inception in 2008 has been embroiled in controversy. Be it the spot-fixing saga or the Lalit Modi scandal, controversy and IPL walk hand in hand. Sometimes though, due to its immense cash rich nature, IPL’s name is unnecessarily dragged to gain cheap publicity.

On the other hand, the stain of match fixing is refusing to leave this great game and especially Pakistani cricketers like Sharjeel Khan and recently Umar Akmal have reportedly, off and on indulged in the shameful act. When Pakistani journalist Shahid Hashmi tweeted that every other board brushes the sin under the carpet, then why does the PCB keep taking action as it only smears the name of Pakistan cricket, Harsha Bhogle gave him a great reply.

Pakistan has lost players in last decade' Harsha Bhogle
Source: ARYSports.tv

To Hashmi’s accusation that even the IPL is not stain-free and questioned the Supreme Court for still not opening the envelope with 13 names, including some big ticket ones, Harsha said that those names were listed from bookie hearsay and there was no adequate proof. Once, the envelope names are made public then people will jump to conclusions without solid proof, which will be harmful for the game and the players.



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