Hours after Chris Gayle, Andre Russell lashes out at Jamaica Tallawahs


Just a few hours after West Indian great Chris Gayle lashed out at Jamaica Tallawahs management and especially Ramnaresh Sarwan, another global T20 sensation who once had a leadership role with the team expressed his displeasure with the ‘unprofessional approach’ of the team.

Andre Russell felt like adequate respect wasn’t given to him. Even though he’s a senior fellow in the team, he felt like his questions were never answered and the team kept everyone in the dark. He said even things like who the team is planning to retain weren’t shared with senior figures like him.

Russell savagely rips apart perfect TKR script
Source: Newsday TT


The Kolkata Knight Riders player stated “I felt like a first-class player that just made his debut one game ago. Your opinion is not valuable. That’s how I was treated. Even when I ask questions: who you guys planning on retaining? Who you guys planning on buying? I don’t get no answer on that. So, I just leave it. I think this might be my last season for Jamaica Tallawahs. I’m just clearing the air.”

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