ICC Test Championship: India To Get A Point Penalty If The Chennai Pitch Is Rated As Poor?


While India won the second test at Chennai by 317 runs , the pitch was indeed the talk of the town as it started to spin as early as day 1.

“It’s entertaining cricket as things are happening all the time but let’s be honest this Pitch is a shocker .. Not making any excuses as India have been better but this isn’t a Test Match 5 day prepared Pitch”, Michael Vaughan tweeted. On the other hand, many others like Shane Warne gave it back to Vaughn for simply not accepting that the England Cricket Team indeed played poor cricket and were outplayed by Virat Kohli and his men.

Point is- the jury has been divided and it would be interesting to see how the ICC reacts to this one but if they indeed do rate the pitch as pitch as poor the Indians might be charged with a point- penalty and might have to sacrifice a few points which could be a massive blow as far as the ICCC Test Championship Points are concerned!

Cric Crak Opinion?

Well, when there are many test matches that finish in 3-4 days even in Australia, England & South Africa on seaming pitches. While this was was spinning since day 1 nobody should have a problem with that either!

Was it an easy pitch? No, not at all! Was it more difficult than most of the others?- Most certainly! Was it unplayable or was it a coal mine? No, Not at all. Rohit Sharma scored a century and so did Ravichandran Ashwin. Not debating Sharma’s century but if Ravichandran Ashwin could score a century on this pitch so could have Joe Root or Ben Stokes – As simple as that- A Coal mine is supposed to be the same for everyone but this certainly wasn’t the case! There is absolutely no doubt the ball dominated the bat but it surely wasn’t unplayable by any means!

Image source: IndiaTv


Disclaimer: Not taking any credit away from Ravichandran Ashwin as it indeed was a tough pitch and he certainly deserves all the credit in the world for being the only one to score a century in the toughest conditions possible!

Did India use Home- Advantage to their favor in a crucial game? Yes they did but so does everyone else and we will leave it to that!

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