“If the IPL is on, David Warner’s planning on going”-James Erskine


While The World has been struck with one of the deadliest bouncers, the COVID-19, it has also had a major impact on the IPL 2020 which was initially scheduled to begin on the 29th of March.

As per the latest reports, if the world soon becomes normal again, the season can indeed begin around the 15th of April. Having said that, a few players still might have inhibitions while traveling owing to the risk of the virus, especially at the airports. Well, now scratch that if you’re one of the soldiers of the ‘Orange Army’ as Captain David Warner’s manager recently confirmed the left-handed batsman availability.

Image Source: CricBuzz

“If the IPL is on, David Warner’s planning on going. If things change dramatically, which can happen in the space of an hour, the answer is you change your mind”, James Erskine Warner’s manager told the reports in Australia on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the BCCI is also trying to make a Plan- B of starting the IPL around August- September just incase Plan- A doesn’t work and the virus keeps haunting the world.

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While we are glad the talisman from Australia has replied in ‘Affirmative’ and given his go-ahead for the IPL 2020, we really hope the world soon becomes normal again and everyone stays safe! Hope no Plan B is required either and we indeed begin on the 15th of April and we shall leave it to that.

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