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Indian Cricketers Who Have Acted In Movies


Indian Cricketers Who Have Acted In Movies

Cricket and Bollywood have always been directly proportional to each other. They are the 2 most loved topics of discussion in India and the stardom these cricketers and actors get is certainly unbelievable! Not if you are an Indian but if you live outside and come to India and see it live, you would know exactly what I am talking about.

We have seen many cricketers’ falling in love with the beautiful diva’s from Bollywood and the relationship between sport and films has only grown since the introduction of the Indian Premier League. But what many don’t know is that quite a few of these cricketers have also acted in movies. Here is the list of the top 5 cricketers who have acted in movies.

5. S. Sreesanth

Source: The Indian Express

The former right-arm fast bowler from India is banned for life due to his involvement in spot-fixing during the Indian Premier League. It is fair to say that Sreesanth’s life has been full of action and drama not only on the pitch but even off it. Interestingly, the Kerela born speedster has also acted in a few Malayalam films before making his Bollywood Debut in a movie calls Aksar 2. Not surprisingly, the film totally bombed at the box-office.

4. Vinod Kambli


The left-handed batsman from Mumbai was at par with Sachin Tendulkar at one point in time. What happened next? Well, one worked hard on his cricket and one was always half inclined towards the glamour side of things. While his friend Tendulkar was focused, Kambli got carried over with his early success which lead to his destruction.

Not surprisingly, he finally did act in a Bollywood movie called ‘Aanarth’ which with all due respect to Kambli was an absolute disaster. Vinod Kambli was a perfect example of the phrase, ” Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None”

3. Ajay Jadeja

Source: Cricfit

In his prime days, his swagger reached the field, even before the man himself. The former right-handed batsman from India did a move called ‘Khel’ with Sunny Doel. Unfortunately for Jadeja the movie completely flopped at the box- office and he has now donned a completely new ‘Avatar’ as a cricket commentator.

2. Sunil Gavaskar

Source: The Indian Express

Did you ever think Sunil Gavaskar would have been on the list of Indian cricketers who have acted in movies?

Yes, you read that right Ladies and Gentlemen. The cricketer turned commentator had tried his hand at Bollywood way back in 1980. The former opening batsman from India played a brief role in a Marathi movie named, ‘Savil Premachi’. Now, wait for this……

Even the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah was a part of the movie which eventually tuned out to be a mega-blockbuster.

1. Yuvraj Singh

Source: YouTube

The left-handed southpaw from India made his Bollywood debut way before his India debut. Yuvraj Singh was just 11 when the acted in a Punjabi Film. Not only that,  he also provided a voiceover to an animated character named ‘Jumbo’ when he was just 8. Well, Cric Crak is glad that Yuvraj did not progress further in that domain and chose to become a cricketer instead. Who knows? He might have been a great actor but they don’t make cricketers like him anymore! They never did and we will leave it to that.

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