Ishant Sharma recalls mimicking Steve Smith during 2017 Test Series


Ever since the turn of the century, India vs Australia contests have been fiercely competitive and heated, however at the same time they have been close results. Irrespective of whether the series is in India or Australia, both teams have tended to bring the best out of each other. The 2017 series in India was no exception either and while India were eventual victors by a margin of 2-1, they were in trouble at certain times in the series.

In fact, India lost the first test match in Pune, due to a Steve O’ Keefe special and that man Steve Smith coming to the party again. In fact, Smith, in the harshest of conditions easily was the best batsman across both sides, slamming 3 centuries in the series. India then had to comeback in the 2nd Test and they knew that they had to dislodge the then Australian captain to even have a sniff.

Sports Buzz: 'Was just trying to make him uncomfortable': Ishant ...
Source: Dailyhunt

India’s most experienced bowler, Ishant Sharma was given the responsibility of getting Smith and Sharma thought it would be best to get the Aussie out of his comfort zone, in order of having any chance to dismiss him. The right handed batsman has this habit of sagging his head and exaggerated reactions after every ball, and Ishant mimicked him. It became viral meme content in India and around the world for months to follow.

The Delhi pacer recently, reacted to the mimicking and said “I was just trying to upset him and was thinking how to do it, I was just trying to get him out of the comfort zone, I was just trying to make him uncomfortable. It was a close game, people tend to do things after getting swayed by emotions, you do anything to upset the batsmen, whatever I could do to upset him, I did that, Smith upsets the bowlers a lot, we know if we dismissed him, then we could go on win the match. Virat is an aggressive captain , he loves it whenever you show aggression, he just said do whatever you want to, just don’t get banned.”

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