Jofra Archer does it again, this time predicts Mumbai Cyclone


Jofra Archer is a freak of nature, and no not just because of his hostile bowling that gets even the best in the world in all sorts of trouble (ask Steve Smith), but also because of his habit of posting random tweets that tend to realise into actual situations after a few years. He did that with the super over in the World Cup final, he did that with India’s lockdown and now he’s done it with the cyclone in Mumbai.

Mumbai has been under a lot of stress recently and has been easily the most badly affected Covid-19 city in India. It has in fact become a global hotspot and therefore the financial capital of India is well and truly on its knees. To make matters even worse, there was news of the maximum city potentially being hit by Cyclone Nisarga.

Mumbai spared? Cyclone Nisarga makes landfall, starts weakening ...
Source: India Today

Jofra Archer seems to have predicted trouble for the maximum city 6 years ago in September 2014. He randomly, sitting in the beautiful Caribbean Islands predicted doomsday for the city that never sleeps and tweeted ‘Mumbai Gone’, thus adding to the list of his tweets with eerie resemblance to actual happenings in the future.

Find Archer’s tweet here;

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