Martin Guptill abuses Chahal again


Martin Guptill was the man behind a billion heartbreaks in the 2019 World Cup after he got MS Dhoni run out via a direct hit that pretty much ended any hope of India progressing to the semi-finals. However, this year, much to his chagrin, the kiwi opener has been bringing smiles on the faces of Indian fans.

Yuzi Chahal’s famous Chahal TV generally involves Indian cricketers, but during India’s recent tour to New Zealand, the wrist spinner decided to include Guptill on his show. The right-hander was chatting with Rohit Sharma when Chahal decided to interrupt them, a decision which the leg-spinner later regretted.

Guptill abusing Chahal: WATCH: Martin Guptill swears in Hindi at ...
Source: Times Now

Guptill used a Hindi slang and much to Rohit’s laughter and Chahal’s embarrassment he said ‘Kya be Ga***u’!Now, Martin looks to have repeated his joke and sent a the same message to Chahal on his Instagram reading ‘How are you Ga***u. The RCB bowler who is very active on social media decided to share Guptill’s message with the world. Take a look.

Yuzvendra Chahal
Source: instagram
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