Moises Henriques opens up on his mental battles


Ever since Glenn Maxwell’s coming out in the open about his mental battles, the issue has become an open discussion in cricket. One believes that this is a welcome change, especially in a sport where mental toughness is required in abundance. The sport has come a long way since the time when Jonathan Trott had taken a break from the game after a white wash in the ashes due to the same reason and was made fun of by some sections.

Moises Henriques fires SRH to 176 with a 55*(28)

Another Australian Moises Henriques has also opened up about the time when his situation was so bad that he had thoughts of committing suicide. While speaking on TV presenter Neroli Meadows’ podcast, the former SRH player said “I remember driving down the M5 back home, doing 110 km/h, and I remember thinking to myself in the car, ‘If I just ran straight into this pole here, what would happen? What would be the consequence of what would happen?’ I can’t do that. It’s not fair on my brothers, it’s not fair on [my partner] and it’s not fair on all these people who are there for me.

I can’t leave my team with ten men for the next two days. Also, I ended up having to pull over because I was crying so heavily and I was shaking. I had to pull over, just took five minutes.” We are just glad that the New South Welshman is over that dark phase now and has moved on.

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