MS Dhoni coming to my wedding was a huge surprise : Mandeep Singh


MS Dhoni has all the feathers in his cap that a cricketer can dream of. He has all three world titles in addition to the ICC test mace in 2009 when India achieved the number 1 Test ranking. However, one thing is certain that Mahi hasn’t let the success go to his head and carries himself with level headedness and gracefulness.

Recently, Mandeep Singh while speaking in a Q&A session spoke about the time when Dhoni had to change 3 flights and drive for 2 hours in biting fog and cold to attend his wedding. The Punjab based player got married in December 2016 and had invited MS Dhoni for his wedding.

3 connecting flights and 2-hour drive in harsh fog: When MS Dhoni ...
Source: india today

However, MS had at the time not confirmed his attendance for the event as he had plans to travel to the United States. Naturally, Mandeep thought that it would be hard for the ex India Captain to take time out from his busy schedule and assumed he won’t be coming. To his pleasant surprise though, the CSK captain arrived and blessed the newly weds.

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