Not feeding MS Dhoni biryani cost me a place in the Indian team – Mohammed Kaif recalled in a joking manner


MS Dhoni is a man of varied tastes and his love for bikes and SUV’s is well renowned. But when one takes a closer look at his Twitter bio, which reads ‘Perenailly hungry for Chicken Butter Masala’ , one realises that he’s a foodie too. His two favourite dishes are similar to majority of non veg eaters in India, Butter Chicken and Chicken Biryani. Mohammed Kaif found that out the hard way.

Kaif when he was a part of the Indian team, along with seniors like Sourav and Sachin; and juniors like Raina, Dhoni and Pathan had hosted a feast for his teammates at his Noida residence. He said that at the time he paid more attention to the seniors as they were big ticket names and they were in a different room.

MS Dhoni is the coolest man one can ever know: Mohammad Kaif
Source: Deccan Chronicle

Kaif in a joking manner said that he later realised how that day not properly asking Dhoni for Biryani, cost him a place in the team after scoring a century in Ranji Trophy final and leading Uttar Pradesh to the premiere domestic trophy. At that time after scoring a century in the big match, he was expecting his name to be there, and MSD could’ve picked him, but that wasn’t to be.

“I realized it later that in 2006 when I scored a century in Ranji Trophy final and led Uttar Pradesh to Ranji triumph. I thought I could have made a comeback in the Indian team then if MS Dhoni wanted. Dhoni has often told me, I came to your home and you did not ask me for food properly in a joking way. I always say brother please forgive me now,” he added.

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