People abused me and my family- Hardik Pandya opens up on life immediately after the Koffee with Karan fiasco


Hardik Pandya is in the happiest phase of his life. The all rounder just got engaged on New Year’s Eve and now he’s going to become a father soon. This phase is a far cry from an year and half ago when the all rounder was confined to his home and couldn’t come out, not because of Covid, but because of Coffee or shall we say, Koffee.

He had gone ahead and made some misogynistic and crude remarks on Karan Johar’s popular talk show, Koffee with Karan. As a result, both him and KL Rahul, who honestly was on the non-strikers end for most of the show were indefinitely banned from the Indian team and two young and promising careers were well and truly on the line.

It was a dark phase, where the whole nation saw Pandya as a villain and he had nowhere except, home to hide. There were some comments which even put his family to shame and when his father gave an interview, he was also unfairly made fun off. But one can’t help it, India is a land of overreaction when it comes to cricketers, be it praise or brickbats, we tend to take it up a notch.

How Hardik Pandya got 'carried away', comments that led to storm ...
Source: Times of India

Hardik has now put this time behind him and has moved on. “My family got abused. My father gave an interview post the incident and people made a mockery of it. What hurt me the most was my action caused my family problems, and that’s not acceptable,” Pandya was quoted as saying on Cricbuzz.

“When that happened, I said to myself let’s just accept it and try to correct the mistake. If I would’ve not accepted that mistake, that part would have still been in me. That phase does not bother me any more because my family has accepted it,” he stated. “I’m a family guy. Without family, I am no one. My family is my backbone. The Hardik Pandya you’re seeing right now is because of the people behind the scenes, looking after me. They make sure that I am mentally stable and I stay happy,” Pandya added.

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