Rahul Dravid reveals exactly why CSK always does so well and RCB Often Fails in the IPL!


If you talk about the Indian Premier League, the Chennai Super Kings and the Royal Challengers Bengaluru seem to be at two completely different sides of the pendulum.

While it has literally been like ‘Whistle Podu’ forever for the CSK having made it to the final on 8 occasions till now and winning 3 titles, the Virat Kohli lead RCB franchise’s claim to fame moment has been making it to the final of the 2016 edition. While trying to unlock CSK’s winning formula Rahul Dravid began by stressing on the fact that the owners of the ‘Indian Cement’ previously owned a few cricket teams hence had a better experience on how to make it work.

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“CSK was just the most high-profile team that they ran. So in a sense, they’ve always had people on the ground and their scouting system was probably better right at the start than any other team,” he further added. Meanwhile, the ‘Great Wall Of India’ also believed that the Royal Challengers have somehow not been able to find a balanced team while blaming it on their poor selections and the way they go about with their auctions.

The Indore Born right-handed batsman ( Yes, you read that right) also felt that while the RCB has always focused more on foreign players, the Yellow Army has been able to form a great core of Indian players over the years which has been directly proportional to their success in the cash-rich league.

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“For RCB, you always felt they will be chasing a gun death bowler. Then the first thing you realize is they’ve spent 15 crores on Yuvraj Singh and you think, ‘Oh, sh!t! They aren’t in the market for that!’” and by the time a death bowler comes round they won’t be able to spend any money so we can outbid them.” , Jammy quoted further.

Cric Crak would love to know your opinion on this one. Where do you think is RCB exactly losing it? It is about the auctions, is it about their captain, is it about their strategies? Why haven’t they been able to get their act together in the IPL so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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