Rohit chooses between a T20 200 and an ODI 300


Modern day white ball cricket has changed a lot and favours the batsman a lot more than it used to in the 90’s. There are a variety of factors that have led to it being a batters game. First and foremost is the uniformity in pitches all around the world. Every board wants a high scoring game and therefore white ball pitches are becoming similar and batting friendly all around the world.

Secondly, the size of the boundaries has become disappointingly small in most countries barring Australia. The quality of bats has improved multi-fold and its no longer an anomaly that a mistimed hit goes for a six. The fitness and strength of the modern day batsman is on another level. The mindset of the batsman after the advent of T20 cricket has also changed and no longer is a hitter afraid of a boundary rider.

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The ICC has also contributed to the same by introducing two new balls in ODI cricket which has resulted in the death of reverse swing. The field restriction rule has probably made the most difference. An additional fielder inside the circle, makes a huge difference. Lastly, the quality of bowlers has come down sharply, especially fast bowling.

Having said all that, it’s the same for every batsman and it’s not the modern batsman’s fault. If there is one batsman who has made full use of these favourable conditions, it’s Rohit Sharma. The man has three double centuries in ODI cricket and was recently asked what would he prefer, a 300 in ODIs or a double century in T20s. Rohit replied, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have both’.

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