Rohit Sharma & Yuvraj Singh lighten the mood with an Instagram live for their fans


So while everyone is quarantining these days the traffic on social media has gone up by a whopping 84 %. As far as the cricketing fraternity is concerned, there might be lesser traffic on cricketing websites due to absolutely no sporting action but the players themselves are taking it upon them by doing Instagram lives and keeping in touch with their fans.

Last weekend it was Kevin Pietersen and Virat Kohli who set social media on fire with their live session while wifey Anushka interrupted asking her ‘Chiku’ to break for dinner, this week it was the turn of Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh. The real-time traffic on the chat averaged about 75 K, just about half of an India match at Hot-Star. Yes, this is how much we are missing the game!

While the duo’s great relationship was certainly on display, Yuvraj was honest enough to open up in front of his old buddy. They initially started off on a lighter note as Rohit pulled Yuvi’s leg by reminding him about him being a little bossy, especially about his seat on the bus which he made sure to let Rohit know on day 1. Moving on, they also spoke about how they have learnt so much from each other over all these years and grown up to be maturely responsible individuals.

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Source: NDTV Sports

Yuvraj seemed a little upset though about how apart from Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma there are no seniors in the team at the moment to look up to and also believed that an episode like ‘Koffee With Karan’ would have never happened while Yuvi was young as he had a strong influence of seniors in his team who were always there to guide the youngsters. Rohit was also all praises for Yuvraj and termed his as his first crush in the Indian team as he was completely in awe of his style which he also backed up with all the runs he scored.

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The Punjab born batsman also felt that there is too much churning in Team India at the moment while there are only 2-3 players who find a regular spot. Yuvraj wanted the management to make the players feel a little more secure by giving them a longer run in the squad. While Samaira Sharma was playing in the background, Rohit and Yuvraj shared many fun backend stories which certainly got a smile on the faces of those watching. Exactly the need of the hour! ICYMI? Go to Rohit’s Instagram handle and watch it now!

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