Sachin Tendulkar shares picture Brian Lara’s son holding bat; compares it with his childhood photo


Cricket is a game that is defined by rivalries and there are some who might disagree with the comparing players and eras, but that’s bound to happen. In fact, these rivalries that are created help give more context to a game. While in the current era, you have the Steve Smith vs Virat Kohli debate, the 90’s and mid 2000’s were dominated by comparisons between Sachin and Lara.

The two are all time legends and if one has the highest ever international test score, the other has the most amount of runs in Test and ODI cricket. However, this rivalry is unlike the MESSI-Ronaldo rivalry and more like the Federer-Nadal one in terms of the mutual respect that both players and their fans have for the opposite number. While one was a left-hander who had all the flair and style, the other was just so easy on the eye and remarkably consistent and just had the most perfect stance and straight bat.

Sachin Tendulkar, Lara set to return to cricket field! - The Week
Source: The Week

Recently, Brian Lara uploaded a video of his son playing cricket with a plastic ball and bat. His grip though as you would expect with a toddler was a little upside down. It caught the attention of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who decided to make a collage of himself when he was a tiny toddler having a similar grip and Lara’s son. “@brianlaraofficial I know of another boy who had a similar grip and didn’t do too badly in international cricket,” Tendulkar wrote in his caption.



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