Sachin Tendulkar takes a cheeky dig at Lasith Malinga


International Cricket is returning on 8th July and fans can’t wait for some live action. The West Indian team has already reached English shores and the first Test starts on the above mentioned date. While that’s great news for the cricketing world, recently 10 Pakistani players being tested Covid positive, a week before they were to fly to the UK, has sent shockwaves in the cricketing community.

The ICC has already changed a bunch of rules, be it with regards to the umpire holding player’s things or an extra review. The most important change however is the fact that no saliva is allowed to be put on the ball as the technical committee concluded it could be hazardous for the players. That might have an adverse effect on reverse swing, but that’s a minute problem as compared to the pandemic.

Sachin Tendulkar sends birthday greetings to Lasith Malinga

Sachin Tendulkar, who has been busy encouraging people to stay at home and promoting better sanitary habits amongst Indians, took to Twitter and made a hilarious dig at his former Mumbai Indians’ teammate, Lasith Malinga. Malinga has a habit of kissing the seam of the ball before he begins his run up, a routine that he will have to give up in the short term atleast.

Here’s Sachin’s tweet;


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