Sachin Tendulkar wins his legal case against Australian bat manufacturers Spartan


Indian batting maestro has settled his legal case against Australian bat manufacturers Spartan. Sachin had filed a suit against the company for failing to comply with its obligations under the agreement between the two parties, by failing to pay him royalties and endorsement fees.

In 2016, Tendulkar entered into a worldwide exclusive deal with Spartan to promote their sportswear and sporting equipment. According to the batting legend, Spartan had continued to use his name and and good image even after the termination of the agreement, without any remuneration.

Tendulkar settles lawsuit against bat manufacturers Spartan as ...

The Tendulkar camp settled with Spartan in Australian Federal court after the company rendered an apology. “Spartan sincerely apologises to Tendulkar for its failure to honour his sponsorship agreement and is grateful for Tendulkar’s patience in resolving this dispute,” Les Galbraith, the COO of Spartan, stated in a joint press release.

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