Sachin Tendulkar would have scored 1.3 lakh runs in the current era : Shoaib Akhtar


Sachin Tendulkar holds every record in the book as far as batting is concerned. There are however, still comparisons with players from the modern era, be it Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma or Steve Smith. The Virat vs Sachin debate is something which never ceases. While Virat fans point towards the average to make their point, Sachin fans point at the quality of bowers and field restrictions that favour the batsman in the current era.

A closer look at the bowling attacks will give one a fair idea as far as the difference in the quality of bowlers is concerned. In the 90’s, every team had atleast two world class bowlers, which is unfortunately not the case currently. Then the huge change is the field restrictions for 40 overs, with one less fielder allowed outside the circle.

Battles against you...', how Shoaib Akhtar greeted Sachin ...
Source: Times Now

That one extra in fielder makes a world of difference for quality batsman to manipulate the field. The other factor is the lack of reverse swing these days due to the two new ball phenomenon. Therefore, the ball doesn’t get old throughout the 50 overs and that’s a huge advantage to the batter. Recently, Shoaib Akhtar weighed in on the Sachin vs Virat debate.

“Tendulkar batted in the toughest era of cricket. If he had to get the chance now, he may hit more than 1.30 lakh runs. So, it’s not good to make a comparison between Sachin and Kohli,” Akhtar was quoted as saying in Cricket Pakistan.

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