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Shane Warne Calls Steve Waugh The Most Selfish Player To Have Played Cricket


Shane Warne is one of them who is known to never mince his words. He likes to call a ‘Spade’ a ‘Spade’ and doesn’t bother if he makes a few enemies while doing so.

In a recent Interview, Shane Warne revealed something which certainly surprised cricket fans and pundits around the world. The former leg-spinner from Australia termed his former Captain, Steve Waugh, the most selfish player ever. Warne told the media that Steve completely changed once he became the captain in 1999 and also recalled how he once dropped him from the team due to jealousy.

Warne further added that he had no problems if he was dropped due to not performing but the fact that Steve started getting personal certainly left Shane frustrated. The veteran of 708 wickets in Test Cricket stated that “He became a completely different person when he took over as captain,” Warne wrote. “It wasn’t that he dropped me. I have no issue about being dropped if I’m not performing; if you don’t perform, out you go. But there was more to it than my performances – I think it was jealousy. He started to niggle away, telling me to look at my diet and spend more time on deciding what sort of person I wanted to be in my life, how to conduct myself – that sort of stuff. I said, ‘Mate – worry about yourself.’

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Image Source: India Today

The leg-spinner was also disappointed about the fact that he always took Steve Waugh as a good friend only to later realise that he was a man with selfish motives and also someone who always played for his average rather than his team. Warne was also disappointed and felt he did not get enough support from his captain.

We would love to know whose side are you on? Do you think Steve Waugh was really as selfish as Shane Warne thinks he is? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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