Simon Doull chooses the better white ball opener between Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma


This quarantine period has led to a standstill in all cricketing action across the world and the fans are yearning for the sport to get underway, which will provide some much needed to time pass to them. However, this period has been utilised by many to pick all time 11’s and reminisce the glorious years of cricket gone by.

Recently, former New Zealand fast bowler Simon Doull while picking an all time Indian ODI 11 made a provocative statement. He said that Rohit who averages 49 as compared to Sachin’s 44 would be his first pick as an opener.

Six coincidences between Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma

Simon Doull who regularly comments on the IPL and knows Indian cricket quite well said that Rohit, unlike Sachin didn’t get stuck in the 90’s and that’s another thing that goes in his favour. However, what Doully probably missed was the fact that the current white ball game had more field restrictions in the middle overs and the pitches have become flatter, the quality of bowling has gone down and two new balls has well and truly put a full stop on reverse swing.

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