Star Indian Footballer Sunil Chhetri Reveals The Name Of His Favourite IPL Team!


If you had to put a face to the modern Indian athelete who would it be ? Well, if Soccer is your sport your answer has to be Sunil Chhetri. While the entire nation is ‘ working from home ‘ and taking it a little easy Chhetri decided to utilise this time to let his fans know him a little better.

The Indian Football Captain resorted to the micro- blogging site Twitter and decided to do a Q&A session for all his fans . While doing so, one of his fans also asked him about his favourite IPL Team and the Indian Captain certainly did not play that on the back foot.

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In-fact he took no time and immediately responded with –“I’m a Bangalore boy. That should answer your question,” . He also added that he would love to see Virat Kohli and his boys finally have an IPL Trophy in their bag.

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