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Star Indian Opening Batsman Slams Dhoni After Interfering With The Umpire Last Evening!


Chennai Super Kings needed 8 runs of the final 3 balls while Mahendra Singh Dhoni had just been dismissed by a peach of a delivery from Ben Stokes.

In came Mitchell Santner and the all-rounder dished out a high full-toss which clearly seemed to be a no-ball. While the umpire gave it a no-ball the leg umpire Bruce Oxenford who had the power to overrule the umpire’s decision in such an instance used his veto power and overturned the decision.

Owing to how important a moment it could have been in such a crucial phase of the game, both Santner and Ravindra Jadeja seemed to be quite upset with the umpire’s decision. While there was a heated debate going on, the Chennai Super Kings Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni decided to join in the debate while he stormed into the ground to have his say.

Source: India Today

He was seen arguing with the umpires and letting them know how unhappy he was with their decision. Yes, his demeanor wasn’t as expressive/arrogant as the best batsman in the world- Virat Kohli, but a captain still has no right to march into the line of play if he doesn’t agree with the umpire. There is absolutely no room for that but this also proves that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is also human. Mistakes do happen at times and our very own ‘Mahi Bhai’ made one last evening which is alright. (Doesn’t mean it was the right decision though)

While many in the cricketing world had their say on the topic, the latest to join the band-wagon was the former Indian Cricketer turned commentator Sanjay Manjrekar. While he admitted that he has always been a huge Dhoni admirer, he truly believed that the wicket-keeper batsman was lucky to get away with just a small fine. While we leave you with his tweet, we would love to know your opinion on this one.

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