Steve Bucknor laments wrongly giving Sachin out on two occasions


One of the pet peeves of every 90’s kids was the umpiring of Steve Bucknor. The experienced West Indian umpire had the dubious distinction of wrongly giving Sachin Tendulkar out on multiple occasions. While Sachin fans and by extension Indian fans were always miffed with the umpire from the 90’s, the dislike turned into hate in 2008.

In the infamous Sydney Test match, where a combination of umpiring, some unethical practices from the Australian team and a deteriorating Sydney pitch led to an Indian loss. The umpiring was so bad that it would put even club umpires to shame. While, Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh were the centrifugal forces in the controversy, India was so unhappy that they put their foot down and then in an unprecedented manner, Umpire Bucknor was not allowed to officiate in the rest of the series.

After so many years the man has opened up about Sachin Tendulkar’s decisions and has used the same line of defence which he used in an article in the Times of India, in 2008, after being dropped from the tour midway. He said ‘to err is human’ and while that’s true, there is a certain amount of performance each profession demands, failing to achieve that, could and should result in some action.

Former umpire Steve Bucknor finally admits making blunders against ...
Source: OrissaPOST

“Tendulkar was given out on two different occasions when those were mistakes. I do not think any umpire would want to do a wrong thing. It lives with him and his future could be jeopardised,” Bucknor said on Mason and Guests radio programme in Barbados. “To err is human. Once in Australia, I gave him out leg before wicket and the ball was going over the top. Another time, in India it was caught behind. The ball deviated after passing the bat but there was no touch. But the match was at Eden Gardens and when you are at the Eden and India is batting, you hear nothing. Because 100,000 spectators are making noise. Those were the mistakes and I was unhappy. I am saying a human is going to make mistakes and accepting mistakes are part of life,” he added.

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