Steve Smith took the blame for everyone else during sandpaper gate – Andrew Flintoff


Steve Smith is a phenomenon that is yet to be decoded by bowler’s and video analysts. He is just a freak who has his own technique and sticks to it. While one may argue, with how pleasing to the eye his batting might be, no one can argue he’s the best test batsman in the world currently.

Ashes 2019 | Why Steve Smith is batting in constant anguish
Source: Wide World of Sports – Nine

However, it hasn’t always been hunky dory for the former Australian captain as he was out of the game he lives and breathes, for one full year and also lost his captaincy due to the infamous sandpaper gate. The incident that happened in March of 2018 at Cape Town shook the entire cricketing world and even evoked a response from the Australian Prime Minister at the time.

The Australian admitted to tampering the ball with a sandpaper and the images of Cameron Bancroft hiding the yellow sandpaper in his underpants didn’t help one bit. Now, Freddie Flintoff has come up with a statement saying that he couldn’t believe only three players knew about it. The English Ashes hero said “I can’t believe that everyone in the team wasn’t involved in some way or the other.”

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