The KL Rahul, Ishant Sharma bet that cost Rahul dearly


Ishant Sharma is a dressing room favourite and be it his head banging in Sri Lanka or mimicking Steve Smith, wherever he goes, fun and frolics follow. Not only has he improved his bowing leaps and bounds, he has recently averaged better with the bat too. When he brought up a half-century in the second test match against West Indies, the dressing room erupted and were full of joy except one man, KL Rahul.

KL Rahul has got out cheaply (13) in that innings and he and Ishant were just joking around when Rahul said that if Ishant ended up scoring more than him, then he would do whatever he’s asked to by the fast bowler. As luck would have it Ishant scored a 50 in that innings much to everyone’s chagrin. While reminiscing the incident with Mayank Agarwal, Sharma couldn’t control his laughter.

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“Forget everyone’s reaction. Ask KL, how he felt about me scoring a fifty. He said ‘we were thinking if he scores a hundred, we would have to jump off from the balcony’,” Ishant said, laughing. “KL scored some 25-26 runs (he had actually scored 13 runs) and he said ‘son, if you score more than me, I will do this and that for you’. After I scored a half century, I gave him some batting advice and he was like ‘Stop it bro, you scored fifty and ab meri jaan kha raha hai (and now you are teasing me),” Ishant responded.

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