Tim Paine dares India ahead of the of the Test series down under


Last time Team India toured Australia for a Test series, they became the first Asian country to win a seriesin the Southern Hemisphere nation. That historic achievement was termed by India’s feisty captain Virat Kohli as ‘better achievement than the World Cup of 2011’. While that comment irked many Indian fans, no one can deny that it was a remarkable achievement by Kohli’s men.

However the elephant in the room even at that time was the missing duo of Smith and Warner. It won’t take a cricketing genius to realise the value that they add and with that if you throw in the Marnus Labuschagne factor, you’re talking about a different ball game, quite literally. The Australian batting will provide a much harder test for the Indian bowlers, especially the pacers who arguably happened to have the best series as a group in the history of Indian tests.

Why Virat Kohli's India Team Is Unstoppable At Home In Test Cricket
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The same thoughts echoed out of the Australian captain and Amazon’s ‘The Test’ hero, Tim Paine. He sounded quite upbeat about the home side’s chances going into the series by saying that the Aussies would be a ‘different kettle of fish’ this time around. Paine, a guy who generally comes across as a sober and pragmatic voice, felt that the series had the undertones of an Ashes type encounter. He however clarified that it wasn’t the blip last time around, but points in the all important World Test Championship that would motivate the hosts.

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The series has all the makings of an all time classic and if Shane Warne is to be believed there hasn’t been a series of such magnitude in the Aussie summer for a ‘long-long time’. Here’s hoping that the cricket will live up to the hype and we all get entertained to fullest, for that is the point of sport.

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